Thursday, December 1, 2011

December 1st Update

List of items from the new Lighter gamble:

0.2%    [Holy Water Box] received.
0.1%    [Husky Coupon] received.
0.8%    [Epic Armor Coupon] received.
0.8%    [Blacksmith's Coupon] received.
0.05%    [Coliseum's Desire Coupon] received.
1%    [Gold Pig Coupon] received.
6%    [Channel Megaphone] x2 received.
3%    [Server Megaphone] received.
8%    [IR Transporter] x2 received.
4%    [Enchant Remedy] received.
1%    [Advanced Enchant Remedy] received.
20%    [Peach Can] x2 received.
1.5%    [Prime XP Potion] received.
0.5%    [Brownie Coupon] received.
0.5%    [Bundle of Love] received.
12%    [Enhanced Item Nostrum] received.
9.3%    [Lv. 1~5 Super Puzzle Coupon] x4 received.
9.25%    [Lv. 6~10 Super Puzzle Coupon] x4 received.
10%    [Purchase God Guidebook] x10 received.
10%    [Purchase King Guidebook] x10 received.
2%    [Fancy Box] received.

Other things I noticed from comparing old/new LDT files:
  • Mari in Atlantis now has Puzzle/Cube Trade menus.
  • Nai in Lilliput now has Puzzle/Cube Trade menus.
  • Fixed the "Colliseum" typos for Coliseum coins. [However did not fix it for Small Potions or Warp Capsules...]
  • Cardboard Robot Set Coupon had it's name fixed. [Previously bugged as "Event Special Snow Raccoon Hot Spring Ticket"]
  • Acorn Cracker's usage cooldown reduced by half. [Not sure why. The new Lighter item has this same cooldown, though.]
  • Guild Accessories/Weapons had their upgrade min/max probabilities changed. [From "0", Accessories were changed to "60" and Weapons were changed to "50".]
  • Various Advanced Coliseum Weapons had their upgrade min/max probabilities changed. [From "0" to various, decreasing per upgrade, amounts.]
  • Some Help messages were changed.
I could be wrong, but this should mean Guild Accessories, Guild Weapons, and Advanced Coliseum Weapons should no longer have issues upgrading.

Nothing much else to say about this update.
New lolbox is god tier, hopefully some shit is now fixed as well.
All of the other events are extremely underwhelming or boring, plus there's that tiered spender which is just a huge waste of money, as well as OGP showing their greediness in the worst possible way for their community. [And during Christmas time, too. /sigh]

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Crystal Mine - Mining Map

[Direct Link to Image]
Color coded and very simple to understand.
The %s are only the first two decimals, because 15 decimal places looks ugly as hell.

Note that because of the way Mining works, you will always end up with one mineral per rock.
However, the chance of you getting a specific mineral from a rock, is labeled here.
Item Drop Rate and Rare Item Drop Rate have zero effect on this outcome, so don't bother using any while Mining.